Bali Stone Suppliers For Building Materials

Some types of natural stone from Bali stone suppliers are materials that many people choose as building material elements, especially for finishing. The popularity of natural stone is due to its nature that can give a natural and soothing impression and has unique characteristics as a decorative element of a very beautiful room. Here some types of natural stone which often used for building material element.

Andesite Stone

This type of stone made from a volcano and has several features that are easily recognizable, which are gray or black. This type of stone has long been used as a building material.


– Has a hard nature among other rocks, so it is more durable.

– Has a tight porosity or pore level, so it is not easy to absorb or stain

– The nature of the stone is resistant to weather and moss

– Maintenance is very easy, for how to clean natural stones only need to use water.

– Has a beautiful motif with a texture like wood, quite unique to the interior or exterior elements of the room.

– Stone characters are soft enough to be easily formed

– Has a variety of types of stone such as yellow fiber ‘palimanan’, brown fiber, white fiber, bobos, etc.

– Easy to install.


– Easy to mossy and moldy

– Has pores, so it can absorb stains.

– The price is quite expensive.

Marble Stone

Marble from Bali stone suppliers has a certain pattern with a large variety of colors that combine it. This is what makes marble very suitable for use as a material for building decoration.


– Has a character as a cold stone and is a poor conductor of heat, so it can cool the room if applied to the interior of the wall or floor.

– Has a unique texture that gives the impression of luxury

– Has a variety of textures and colors.

– Resistance to load that’s very high, making it more durable.

– Not easily scratched and easily formed.


– The price is relatively expensive.

– Having weather-sensitive properties, it is not recommended to be applied to parts of buildings that are directly exposed to rain and heat.

– Has pores, so it is very easily exposed or absorbs stains if it does not have a protective layer

– Requires special care to maintain the luster and difficult to repair if damaged or broken.

– The installation process has special and quite difficult techniques.

– The surface is relatively slippery, it is not recommended to be used on the floor of a wet room.

Sabak Stone(‘Kali’ Stone)

On the market, this Bali stone suppliers stone is also better known by another name which is ‘Kali’ stone. The application of this type of stone is widely used for exterior include exterior walls, fences, ponds, pillars or columns and dry gardens.


– Is a type of stone that is very strong, usually used as a foundation.

– Can be split as thin plates for coating walls or floors.

– The price is relatively cheap

– The treatment is quite easy, just need to be cleaned with water


– Size is difficult to adjust to a particular design

Granite Stone

Bright colors of granite can beautify the interior of the building. After being sharpened and mashed, granite can be cut into pieces and made into natural color tiles. In general, these tiles are used for types of natural stone for floors, stairs, and walls of various rooms such as bathroom and kitchen.

As an exterior element, this type of stone can also be used as a paving and basic material for building construction such as monuments, bridges, and office buildings. The following is a review of the advantages and disadvantages of granite.


– The nature of the stone that gives a natural atmosphere as a veneer wall (wall coating)

– Resistant to heat and not easily cracked, so it can be made a top table on the kitchen table.

– Durable

– Weather resistant, not easily weathered or moldy

– Resistant to scratches

– It has smaller pores than marble, so it does not easily absorb water or stains. Only need to be dried with a clean cloth.

– Treatment is quite easy and does not require special care.

That’s it, review above about some types of natural stone from Bali stone suppliers for building material.

Comfortable and Useful Decorating Ideas for Swimming Pool


Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard or other areas in your house? Are you looking for any decorating ideas for your swimming pool? If you are looking for that, you should not worry too much to think about what kind of things that will help your decoration. To make you easier in decorating your swimming pool area, here is the list of some things that you should have around your swimming pool!

Things to Make Your Swimming Pool Area Becomes More Comfortable

You might already have your own concept for your swimming pool. Some of those concepts, of course, will have several things that will make it perfect. So, you also need some properties that will help your swimming pool to be a more comfortable area to spend your time. Here is the list of some things that you can use as the part of your swimming pool decoration!

  • Beach Bench and Table Set

Of course, beach bench can be a good option, if you want to add more space near your swimming pool as the relaxation place. After you swim in your swimming pool, you can lay down on your beach bench while drinking some juices to enjoy the sunshine. Then, it will be very comfortable and enjoyable at the same time as you consider putting a beach bench near your swimming pool.

  • Outdoor Daybeds

This is another way to put another swimming pool properties which will make your swimming pool area becomes more enjoyable. You can get the sunlight exposure more in that area by laying comfortably in the daybeds. Then, you also can put the umbrella that suits well with the concept of your decoration properties. So, you will have more ways to enjoy your time there!

  • Fire Pit

If you already have a bench or probably daybeds in your swimming pool area, considering about having a fire pit is another option. Probably, you might have a thought why fire pit come on the list since it is almost not that related with swimming pool. However, by adding a fire pit, it will change your swimming pool area to be a more useful place. You can use this area as a picnic area as well. It is interesting, is not it?

  • Walk-In Shower

This option is also useful for you. Instead of taking a bath inside your home after swimming, you can decide to build a bathroom or simply walk-in shower close to your swimming pool. So, once you finish swimming, you can run into the bathroom and do showering there. It will be easier for you to have a bathroom in your swimming pool area.

In conclusion, those things are some examples of things that you can build and put in your swimming pool area. As your swimming pool area should be comfortable enough to use, you have to consider those things as well. So, do not forget to think more about adding those items into your swimming pool area as part of your swimming pool decoration ideas. That is all the information about swimming pool decorating ideas!

Things You Should Put in Your Cozy Living Room

When you are preparing a design for your home, especially the living room. You have to make sure that you get some brilliant ideas to make your living room becomes more comfortable. Of course, some properties are needed to make your living room becomes lively and comfy. Then, what kind of properties that you can put in your comfy living room? Find the answer here!

Properties That Will Make Your Living Room Becomes Comfy and Lively

In preparing decoration, of course, some properties should be on your list, as part of your decorating plan. The properties should not only be chosen because they are cute or something else. However, it could be more useful and powerful for decoration. Then, what kind of things that you can use as properties for your living room decoration?

  • Comfortable Sofa Set

In the living room, which is a place that you will spend most of your time with family, you should have a comfortable sofa set. Of course, the sofa will help you and your family be comfortable sitting and laying there. So, it is good to consider having a comfortable sofa set in your living room. As comfortable is something relative, you can choose your own choice of the sofa to be put there. You also can choose a sofa which can also be used as a bed at the same time.

  • Furry and Smooth Rug for Your Living Room

Besides preparing the comfortable sofa, of course, putting a rug in your living room can be another choice. The rug that you prepare for your living room can be as part of decoration but also can be the place where you are laying there. So, when you are choosing for a rug that you will use in your living room, make sure to choose the comfortable and smooth one, then you can use that rug for more useful use.

  • Put Bookshelves If You Love Reading

This way can be another option to add decoration in your living room. Of course, if you have many book collections, you can use it as part of your living room decoration. Actually, the shape of the bookshelf itself and how you arrange your book can be an additional aesthetic aspect of your living room. So, using a bookshelf as your decoration is a good choice. You can look for some ideas about some unique and aesthetic shape of the bookshelf for your living room.

  • Simple Painting Decoration

Not only about sofa, bookshelf or rug, painting can also be the part of your living room decoration. It is part of your living room accessories. If you want to use painting/picture, make sure to choose any match color combination so that the painting will suit well the concept. You do not need too big painting but as long as it matches the concept, you can use that painting as decoration.

  • Family Pictures

Similar to your painting decoration, you also can put some frames of your family pictures. Of course, it will give a warmer atmosphere to add because of those pictures that show how warm your family is. If you decide to put some frames of pictures, make sure that you choose a good frame with good design. Even though the frame is only a simple part, but it can contribute to the looks as well.

Therefore, to make your living room becomes more comfortable, considering about deeper decoration concept is a must. You have to consider adding several things that mentioned on the list. Then, it will help you to turn your living room into something more special in look and design. Those great additionals into your design will make your living room comfier.

Tropical Display Home Exterior Design Ideas


Showing a green or tropical impression on the house can certainly be done from the beginning of the occupants or visitors enter the house. The entrance to the house can provide an initial impression for owner or visitors regarding its residential home. As we know, the first impression is, of course, a pretty important thing because it can show the overall appearance of the desired house. By designing a tropical entrance area, of course, the impression of green is the main attraction. Here’s the idea of a green entrance area (exterior) that can be an inspiration for your home.

Tropical Modern Exterior Entrance Style

Shown with modern housing, the front area of the house can also be a simple inspiration for homeowners. The path to the front door of the house is decorated with wooden boards interspersed with green grass. Not stop at that, on both sides you can make the road full of various beautiful and shady plants that complement the area. The diversity of plants provides a non-boring appearance in residential areas.

Green Garden Exterior Entrance Style

Having a large front yard can be used by designing a green garden with grass. Not only that, but both sides of the entrance area are also decorated with tall plants so as to disguise the height of the floor of the house. Added with the appearance of traditional wooden doors and a triangular roof that gives the impression of a vintage so that the occupancy is like being in the countryside.

Asian Exterior Entrance Style

At the entrance to this residential house style, the Asian style appears on the roof. With a wide roof and two entrance doors, of course, the appearance of the entrance area is quite interesting. Not only that, the existence of pools and walking trails that are made quite unique gives a natural impression on the front of his house. The color of clear blue water and plants that grow present a green tropical space that is soothing and refreshing.

Tropical Front Garden Exterior Entrance Style

A large garden on the front of the house can be one of its own uniqueness as is the design of this one. After going through the fence of a high-rise residential house with wooden doors, the road leading to the main house is decorated with neatly arranged stone tiles. Right next to the road there is a garden with a pool that provides tropical freshness at the beginning of entering into the area of the house. Also, you can make unique cut trees and gives a certain pattern to the garden of his house.

Green Wall Exterior Entrance Style

Not only the park that can give the impression of green in the residential area of the house, but the walls with these vines can also be an option for those of you who want the house to look unique. The green front garden with white flowers complements the beauty of the front area of the residential house. Also with two tall trees that grow on both sides also give the impression of shade in the front area of the house.

Terraced Front Garden Exterior Entrance Style

If you make a house with a height that is different from the height of the road, this one design can be applied. Stair steps on the front yard garden provide an attractive visual display for people visiting the house. Not only on the inside of the park, but also on the outside there are three plants that give the impression of being friendly to guests. That’s it some ideas of exterior house entrance for your house.

Tricky Home Interior Decorating for More Comfortable Looks

Considering about interior design for the home means we have to deal with tricky ideas to help us decorate. Somehow, we do not only need to think about color combination, but also think about how to make our limited room becomes more comfortable. As you might need those kinds of helping ideas, please read the following tricky tips for you!

Tips for Tricky Decoration Ideas for Your Home Interior

Who does not want to have a comfy home that is supported with comfy and warm decoration? Of course, everybody wants. However, sometimes we are limited to decorate our home interior as what we want. Especially, sometimes we find out the fact that the room is too small or not having enough light supply. So, here are some tricky decoration ideas for you!

  • Choose Lighter and Softer Colours for Small Room

Of course, choosing paint colors will always be part of decorating. The color choice actually can affect the atmosphere and also the look of a certain room with a certain condition. It makes choosing the best color is a good decision for some of you. Then, why smaller rooms should be painted with a lighter and softer color for decoration?

It is because lighter and softer colors can help the room to look larger! It also can help to avoid the room becomes darker because of the paint color. So, if you have a problem with a smaller room, it is okay to put some light colors, so your room will look better and larger.

  • Mixing Pattern and Textures for Innovation and Solution

Somehow, we have some interest in certain pattern and texture and use it as our decoration. However, it can be a problem when we cannot mix it into a good mixture of the pattern. So, you should look for the problem solving of this problem. Besides that, consider having a simple but innovative pattern actually can be the solution to your decoration ideas. Then, what you can do with the innovation?

Of course, you can combine between the old pattern and also a new pattern to create a more fresh mixture for your interior design. It would be great as well if you can find the mixture as the solution to your budget problem. In this case, you can decide to mix between expensive and cheap pattern. So, you can get a gorgeous pattern mixture but with affordable price as well. What do you think about it?

  • Use Rug If You Have Wooden Floor

If you do not want your wood floor moist too often, it is good to decide using the rug for some areas in your home. Actually, besides can help to soften your wood floor, it also can be part of your decoration ideas. So, you have to make sure to choose a rug with a good design. Rug with good design and color will help you to add the good appearance of your interior. So, choose the right rug for your home to be more aesthetic.

In choosing a rug, despite considering the shape, you also have to consider the materials. Since there are so many choices of rug materials, it is important to choose the one that suits well with the wood floor or other types of the floor that you have. Then, the rug can be maximally suitable for interior decoration.

  • Use Greenery for Go Green Concept

If you decide to use go green concept, choosing to add some greenery to your house is such a good decision. You can decide to add some plants in small or large size in any room of your house. It can bring a better atmosphere to your home and you will also make your home looks calmer and fresher.

So, if you really love to have such go green concept, decide to use some pots with small or medium size of plants to be the accessories of your house. It will really bring a different atmosphere to your house and you will feel it better. You also can choose any plants that probably suit well with the concept and the size.

  • Use Mirrors for Adding Light Supply

This is another tricky tip that will help your room to look brighter. Of course, light supply is very important, especially when you think your room needs more light but you cannot do anything about the window size, and use mirror as the part of decoration can be a solution. In the decoration, you will need to make sure that the positioning of the mirror is the best one. So, it really can give the best support of giving more light.

Those are the tricky tips that you can use for your home interior design. If you think you are having a problem with the interior ideas because of your room’s basic condition, it is good to know some tips as mentioned before. You might apply one of those tips if you think those tips are suitable for your problems in interior design.

Tips For Choosing New Home

No matter how small and simple, a house is still a palace for its occupants. Home is a shelter at night, a place to share stories and love, a place to enjoy the present and build a future. But unfortunately, not all families can have their own private homes. Many underlying reasons, one of them is that they do not have enough funds to buy a house. Moreover, housing prices are increasing every year, and growth is faster than salary growth. Therefore, if you already have enough money to buy a house, or just pay a down payment, don’t delay to take home loans. In order not to be fooled, this article wants to share how to choose and buy your first home.

Don’t Hesitate To Buy a Small House

You must realize that the price of houses each year rises. Don’t wait until you can buy a luxury house, invest first with the simplest type. Do not be too eager to buy luxury homes expensive first, because realistically you and your partner have not been able. If you force to save and continue to save in order to buy a high-priced house, then your money will never be collected. You have to remember that house prices every year, even every month, continue to increase.

Therefore, do not delay buying a house once your money is enough to pay for a simple type of house, which may only be enough for you, your spouse and one baby. The problem of buying a bigger house can be thought about later if your income increases and you can sell your little house.

Choose a Developer That Has a Good Track Record

Don’t be tempted by low prices and bonuses. Better to consider the location, facilities, and developer track record. Although buying a house from a reputed developer will be a little more expensive, this is equivalent to the quality promised. Don’t be tempted by low prices also bonuses from the developers. Do not forget, at this time there are also many companies join opening a housing business because of the profitable.

Instead of taking risks, it’s better to pay a price that is a little more expensive but has far better quality. Of course, you don’t want in one year, your house has suddenly leaked out water here and there. The first intention you want to be economical, but in reality, you are miserable.

House In Suburb With Cheaper Price

In order to get the best price, don’t hesitate to buy a house in the suburbs. There’s nothing wrong with buying a house in a suburb at an affordable price, rather than forcing you to buy a luxury apartment in the middle of the city. Remember the first point, the important thing is to have a home first. The problem when you want to move to the middle of the city or upgrade to a bigger house can be thought of again if your financial capabilities have supported. That’s it some tips for you who want to choose home.

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