Tropical Display Home Exterior Design Ideas


Showing a green or tropical impression on the house can certainly be done from the beginning of the occupants or visitors enter the house. The entrance to the house can provide an initial impression for owner or visitors regarding its residential home. As we know, the first impression is, of course, a pretty important thing because it can show the overall appearance of the desired house. By designing a tropical entrance area, of course, the impression of green is the main attraction. Here’s the idea of a green entrance area (exterior) that can be an inspiration for your home.

Tropical Modern Exterior Entrance Style

Shown with modern housing, the front area of the house can also be a simple inspiration for homeowners. The path to the front door of the house is decorated with wooden boards interspersed with green grass. Not stop at that, on both sides you can make the road full of various beautiful and shady plants that complement the area. The diversity of plants provides a non-boring appearance in residential areas.

Green Garden Exterior Entrance Style

Having a large front yard can be used by designing a green garden with grass. Not only that, but both sides of the entrance area are also decorated with tall plants so as to disguise the height of the floor of the house. Added with the appearance of traditional wooden doors and a triangular roof that gives the impression of a vintage so that the occupancy is like being in the countryside.

Asian Exterior Entrance Style

At the entrance to this residential house style, the Asian style appears on the roof. With a wide roof and two entrance doors, of course, the appearance of the entrance area is quite interesting. Not only that, the existence of pools and walking trails that are made quite unique gives a natural impression on the front of his house. The color of clear blue water and plants that grow present a green tropical space that is soothing and refreshing.

Tropical Front Garden Exterior Entrance Style

A large garden on the front of the house can be one of its own uniqueness as is the design of this one. After going through the fence of a high-rise residential house with wooden doors, the road leading to the main house is decorated with neatly arranged stone tiles. Right next to the road there is a garden with a pool that provides tropical freshness at the beginning of entering into the area of the house. Also, you can make unique cut trees and gives a certain pattern to the garden of his house.

Green Wall Exterior Entrance Style

Not only the park that can give the impression of green in the residential area of the house, but the walls with these vines can also be an option for those of you who want the house to look unique. The green front garden with white flowers complements the beauty of the front area of the residential house. Also with two tall trees that grow on both sides also give the impression of shade in the front area of the house.

Terraced Front Garden Exterior Entrance Style

If you make a house with a height that is different from the height of the road, this one design can be applied. Stair steps on the front yard garden provide an attractive visual display for people visiting the house. Not only on the inside of the park, but also on the outside there are three plants that give the impression of being friendly to guests. That’s it some ideas of exterior house entrance for your house.

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