Bali Stone Suppliers For Building Materials

Some types of natural stone from Bali stone suppliers are materials that many people choose as building material elements, especially for finishing. The popularity of natural stone is due to its nature that can give a natural and soothing impression and has unique characteristics as a decorative element of a very beautiful room. Here some types of natural stone which often used for building material element.

Andesite Stone

This type of stone made from a volcano and has several features that are easily recognizable, which are gray or black. This type of stone has long been used as a building material.


– Has a hard nature among other rocks, so it is more durable.

– Has a tight porosity or pore level, so it is not easy to absorb or stain

– The nature of the stone is resistant to weather and moss

– Maintenance is very easy, for how to clean natural stones only need to use water.

– Has a beautiful motif with a texture like wood, quite unique to the interior or exterior elements of the room.

– Stone characters are soft enough to be easily formed

– Has a variety of types of stone such as yellow fiber ‘palimanan’, brown fiber, white fiber, bobos, etc.

– Easy to install.


– Easy to mossy and moldy

– Has pores, so it can absorb stains.

– The price is quite expensive.

Marble Stone

Marble from Bali stone suppliers has a certain pattern with a large variety of colors that combine it. This is what makes marble very suitable for use as a material for building decoration.


– Has a character as a cold stone and is a poor conductor of heat, so it can cool the room if applied to the interior of the wall or floor.

– Has a unique texture that gives the impression of luxury

– Has a variety of textures and colors.

– Resistance to load that’s very high, making it more durable.

– Not easily scratched and easily formed.


– The price is relatively expensive.

– Having weather-sensitive properties, it is not recommended to be applied to parts of buildings that are directly exposed to rain and heat.

– Has pores, so it is very easily exposed or absorbs stains if it does not have a protective layer

– Requires special care to maintain the luster and difficult to repair if damaged or broken.

– The installation process has special and quite difficult techniques.

– The surface is relatively slippery, it is not recommended to be used on the floor of a wet room.

Sabak Stone(‘Kali’ Stone)

On the market, this Bali stone suppliers stone is also better known by another name which is ‘Kali’ stone. The application of this type of stone is widely used for exterior include exterior walls, fences, ponds, pillars or columns and dry gardens.


– Is a type of stone that is very strong, usually used as a foundation.

– Can be split as thin plates for coating walls or floors.

– The price is relatively cheap

– The treatment is quite easy, just need to be cleaned with water


– Size is difficult to adjust to a particular design

Granite Stone

Bright colors of granite can beautify the interior of the building. After being sharpened and mashed, granite can be cut into pieces and made into natural color tiles. In general, these tiles are used for types of natural stone for floors, stairs, and walls of various rooms such as bathroom and kitchen.

As an exterior element, this type of stone can also be used as a paving and basic material for building construction such as monuments, bridges, and office buildings. The following is a review of the advantages and disadvantages of granite.


– The nature of the stone that gives a natural atmosphere as a veneer wall (wall coating)

– Resistant to heat and not easily cracked, so it can be made a top table on the kitchen table.

– Durable

– Weather resistant, not easily weathered or moldy

– Resistant to scratches

– It has smaller pores than marble, so it does not easily absorb water or stains. Only need to be dried with a clean cloth.

– Treatment is quite easy and does not require special care.

That’s it, review above about some types of natural stone from Bali stone suppliers for building material.

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