Why I Love Working By Referral - The Life of a Toronto Realtor

I remember when I was starting out in real estate, I knew only a handful of people and understood that if I were to succeed I needed to get out there and make more connections. I started off at my brokerage and we were taught how to cold call, almost every Toronto Realtor has done this at one point in their career.  Essentially we were given access to a call sheet where we would go and call every name on the list.  Another old school way of finding clients that we were taught, was to go door to door to every home within a street or neighbourhood to meet clients.  Some of this worked but it took A LOT of time and energy.  I was spending more than half of my day doing these activities and in turn, I was not spending enough time with my clients to help them find homes or find buyers for their homes.  

I knew something had to change, and for me to excel at being a top Toronto Realtor I needed to change how I ran my business.  I knew that I loved working with my current clients and whenever these clients sent me referrals, their friends or family would be just like them, awesome to work with!  We always worked well together and we were very efficient.  That was when I decided to focus my business to this strategy.  I poured all my time into my clients and stopped archaically prospecting for clients.  All I asked from my clients was that if they were happy with my service, that they refer me even when we were working together to after I helped them reach their goal.

You know what?  It worked!  It was scary at first as I had to stop doing all these tasks that I was used to.  But being a Toronto Realtor in the midsts of essentially 40,000 other agents I had to be very service oriented and focus on my clients.  Now this was a win win for all parties as my clients got to their goals quicker and I began working with amazing people!  I never looked back and am very happy and grateful of how things have changed for the better.  

That is why I work by referral!