5 Things I Learned From Real Estate Connect - The Life of a toronto Realtor

The Inman Real Estate Connect conference is one of the best Real Estate Conferences out there. I attended the conference last July in San Francisco and I was so inspired by everything I learned and the people I met that I  decided I had to go again  this January. The conference was held  New York City and it was quite the adventure getting there. We caught the last flight out of Toronto before a massive snow storm was about to hit NYC and the city was shutting down. Luckily, the storm wasn’t as bad as everyone thought and although some speakers were unable to attend the conference still went on without a hitch. 

As a Toronto Realtor I am always trying to learn new things to not only better myself and our team but to make things easier for all of my buyers or sellers, whether they be first time buyers or have been buying and selling Real Estate for years. Here are some of the valuable lessons I walked away with at this years Real Estate Connect conference. 


Technology is wonderful but Real Estate is still about relationships

The Inman conference is technically a tech conference and even though we learned a lot about great new Real Estate technology there was a lot of time going back to the basics of Real Estate -  Relationships. Relationships are the foundation of this business and it what can make one agent more successful over another. It is great to have an amazing website and all the latest gadgets but if you don’t cherish the relationships you have with your clients than there is no point even being in this business. The W & Y Homes Co. believes that our relationships with our clients always come first. 

Gimmicks can still work 

Barbara Corcoran is now famous for her TV appearances on Shark Tank but she is also an fantastic Real Estate Agent that started from the bottom in New York and worked her way up by building The Corcoran Group, one of the largest Real Estate Brokerages in the city. Barbara does not hold back when speaking and she is very candid about her success and what it took to get her where she is. She has successfully used gimmicks in the past get hard-to-sell properties sold and reminded us that sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone and do things that are not common to get your clients properties sold. Never be afraid of the power of the gimmick, as long as they are legal, that is. 


Is the Brokerage model broken? 

Indie Brokerages were a top discussion piece throughout the conference with many people asking if the large brokerage model is broken? Are there too many agents and is there little a brokerage can do to help these agents become more successful. The current trend seems to be that agents are stepping away from the typical large brokerage model and realizing that teams may be the best fit for them. The W&Y Homes Co. Team has always believed in this philosophy and that we can accomplish more for our clients by having agents work together as well as provide 24/hr a day support for every member of our team. I believe that this is going to be a common trend going forward. 


Never be afraid to be yourself 

In this business there is nothing more important than being yourself. You can try to be someone that you are not but it won’t get you very far and clients can easily see through it. Be comfortable in your skin and with who you are and you will attract like minded people that will make your business more fun and enjoyable. 



From 3D Virtual Tours to virtual Staging, there were so many great apps featured throughout the conference. Real Estate is growing in leaps in bound and we have some really great tech options to improve the lives of our clients. One of the apps featured at the conference was Homekeepr. Homekeeor is agent branded and allows you to share your trusted network of local home service providers to help with your clients home maintenance. From plumber to electrician info, everything is at the touch of a button and the W & Y Homes Co. Team will be providing this for all of our clients very shortly.

Thank you Inman for a great conference. Looking forward to the next one.