8 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Its cold outside. Not just cold, but bone chilling cold, and it takes a lot of extra motivation to leave your home. Like many people in downtown Toronto I live in a century old home that is full of creaks and drafts and this winter I had to suffer with my pipes freezing (ask anyone in the core and I guarantee they have had the same problem in their old home) and strange drafts coming from the most awkward corners. So here are 8 ways to keep your home Warm while we dream about Spring.

Install a programmable thermostat - I have NEST in my home and I preach enough about how much I love it. It helps keep my bills low and the efficiency in my home high without paying for extra heating when no one is home. 

Let Sunlight in during the day - You want to capture as much free heat as possible and the sunshine will help you feel a little more optimistic about the weather.

Keep your curtains closed at night - Once the sun has gone down you want to keep as much heat as possible inside the house and not let it escape through the windows. 

Ceiling Fans - If you have ceiling fans in your home they may have a ‘winter’ setting which would reverse the air flow and push any hot air that is rising back down into the room. 

Move furniture away from the vents - You may be preventing some of the heat from getting through so make sure there is no furniture blocking air vents, and that all the air vents are open. 

Seal any leaks - There may be leaks in your home beyond the window and doors. Have a look in the attic and the basement as well, and seal any leaks that may be allowing drafts into the home. 


Space Heaters - If you have one room that is extremely cold it may be best to use a space heater and block off that room, be careful though, space heaters can use up a lot of unnecessary energy. 

Use the oven - When the weather is frigid it might be best to spend the day cooking, the oven will definitely heat up the kitchen and you can have some delicious food while you are at it. 

Stay warm and Spring Time is only a few weeks away.