The Reality of Living on a Main Street in Toronto

This past weekend I sold my house on College Street near Lansdowne. I bought the house five years ago and was attracted to its size and location. The house is semi-detached Victorian and it had a large living room (27 feet long to be exact) and soaring 11 foot ceilings on the main floor. It needed some updating but I saw a lot of potential with the space and the changing landscape of College Street West. Since I also wanted to open a small Real Estate office at the front of the house I thought it would be the perfect location to service my clients and maybe even some walk by traffic while still having enough space to live comfortably. 

Fast forward a couple of years later and a lot has changed. Having moved my office to Liberty Village, I no longer needed the small office space at the front of our house and decided to open that space up to use for the remainder of the house. As well, my husband and I are expecting our first child in a few months and decided it might be time to have a change of scenery. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the house and everything that it has to offer, we have had so many fun parties and BBQ’s there (27ft living room = amazing party dance floor) but the reality of living on a main street and everything that comes with it was no longer what I wanted.

Before I go into explaining the negatives of living on a main street I want to put a disclaimer out there - There is nothing wrong with it but there are certain realties that buyers should think about before they pull the trigger. Here are five things to discuss if you are thinking of buying a home on a main street:

#1 - Traffic - Living on a main street in Toronto usually means you will have to deal with traffic noise and pollution. As well, if there is a major TTC route on your street you may have to deal with people standing around your house waiting for the streetcar or bus. 

#2 - Your front steps may become public property - When you live on a main street not everyone walking by may respect your private space and you may be surprised to walk out and find someone smoking a cigarette and using your front steps to rest their feet. 

#3 - Garbage - More walk by traffic can means more garbage on the street. 

#4 - House Value - Houses on main streets to do not typically attract as many multiple offers as houses on side streets and may have longer days on the market. Working with the right agent that can market the house effectively can make a world of difference when selling. I was lucky and sold my house in four days for the price we wanted. 

#5 - Graffiti- Living on a main street puts you at higher risk for getting tagged. Its the unfortunate part of living in an urban area. 

As much as there are negative things there are also a lot of really positive points to living on a main street especially if you work from home. To find out more or if you have any questions contact us anytime at