I Finally Bought a New Home and its Amazing! - The Life of a Toronto Realtor

I love sharing personal stories about my own buying experiences and my latest house purchase was by far a funny and interesting one. My husband and I have been thinking about moving for the last year but have not seriously considered pulling the trigger. We are expecting our first child in a few months and that has made us more motivated to move but we have not seen anything that was perfect enough to make an offer on. We have certain requirements in mind if we were going to move and they were the following: 

  • Detached home 
  • Large Backyard
  • Garage for at least one car
  • Three bedrooms
  • Front Porch
  • Possible rental income with a studio or basement apartment 
  • Close to the subway 
  • Roncesvalles, Bloordale or Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhoods

One weekend in May, being the spring market I had a very busy weekend of non-stop showings and somehow I managed to throw out my back.  For a few days I had a hard time getting around and luckily my parents decided to come visit and were able to stay and help with my two dogs until I recovered. My parents love my current neighbourhood and my dad was born and raised a few streets away so they take a lot of enjoyment walking around with the dogs and being a Real Estate fan as well, they enjoy checking out a few open houses. On the sunday afternoon my mom came walking through my front door very excited about an open house she had just walked through - “April, you have to see this house, its two blocks away and has everything you want."  With my back being out I was not as excited as her and I decided to pass on booking the appointment. I saw it on MLS and it had almost everything I was looking for 

  • Detached home  - CHECK 
  • Large Backyard - the backyard was smaller than I wanted but comfortable 
  • Garage for at least one car - CHECK, it had a 2 car garage 
  • Three bedrooms - CHECK 
  • Front Porch - CHECK 
  • Possible rental income with a studio or basement apartment - CHECK CHECK 
  • Close to the subway - CHECK 
  • Roncesvalles, Bloordale or Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhoods - CHECK 

Yet I still did not have time to make an appointment and if you have read our blog on the 80/20 Rule you know how important it is to find a house that fits most of your needs. A couple days later to my surprise the house was reduced by $40,000,- what? a $40,000 price reduction??  In todays market??? that is not something you see every day, especially when it comes to a detached home near the city’s core. My husband and I rushed over to have a look and the house was even better in person. We decided to make an offer but being that it was now an a very attractive price there was already another offer on the table. With some careful negotiation we were able to get the home and even have a condition on a home inspection. 

We are really excited about our new purchase and look forward to settling into the home this summer. Even in the crazy Toronto Spring Market some homes are just meant to be and are waiting for the right buyer. Happy House Hunting! 

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