Foodie Guide to Liberty Village

Since our office is located in Liberty Village and we spend a lot of time in this great community I wanted to share my top 10 favourite meals from some of the amazing restaurants in the area. 

Chicken Tacos at the Local -

Seriously addictive they are very yummy, especially if you have them with their sweet potato fries. The Local has great food all around and a wonderful patio for the summer. 

Taco Tuesdays at Merci Mon Ami -

Merci Mon Ami is a great place to grab lunch (they close at 4pm) and every week day they have a special. Tuesdays are their busiest days with their amazing tacos and taco salads. 

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes at Mildreds Temple Kitchen -

They are amazing and takes like cake. Make sure you have a big appetite though because they will leave you stuffed. 

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes at For The Love of Cake -

The perfect treat and if you only want a small taste they have mini cupcakes as well. Also, if you are feeling adventurous try one of their Man Cakes in flavours such as Guinness. 

Nachos at The Brazen Head -

Who doesn’t love a large platter of nachos, especially on their great summer patio. 

Sweet Potato fries with a glass of Reisling at Williams Landing -

This has always been a nice pairing if you are looking for a quick after work snack and drink. 

Bear Claw Ice Cream at The Perfect Scoop -

The Perfect Scoop is only open in the summer so take advantage of their Kawartha’s ice cream. There are manyflavours to choose from but my favourite is definitely the Bear Claw 

Avocado Wrap at The Liberty Market Cafe

If you want a quick sandwich at the Liberty Village lunch favourite try the avocado veggie wrap. The best part is it is under $5.

Margherita Pizza at Vespa Pizzeria -

Vespa has great italian food and salads. If you want a simple but delightful pizza I highly recommend their Margherita Pizza. 

Krispy Krunchy French Toast at School Bakery and Cafe -

For those that like to indulge this French Toast is absolutely delightful especially if you have a sweet tooth. Go early though on the weekends, their is typically a long line up for weekend brunch. 

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