Can’t find the furniture you want? We found the answer

Do you ever have a specific vision for a furniture in your home, yet you are unable to find the right pieces or if you do they do not have the colour you want? I have become obsessed with furnishing my new home and have a very specific look in mind for our living room. I perused every furniture store in Toronto and every online furniture website I could find but I still couldn’t find the chair I was looking for. One day I came across a picture of a living room on Instagram and they had the exact chair I was looking for. I messaged the owner of the home and asked her where she got the beautiful chair. She quickly responded that the chair was from Joybird. Joybird? What is this Joybird and how come I have not heard of it before? 

I visited their website and low and behold was introduced to the world of Joybird Furniture. An online furniture company that specializes in mid-century modern pieces and offers over 500 fabric, leather and wood combinations. You can create your own one-of-a-kind furniture piece and options range from sofas to custom desks. I was not paid to write this but I am a huge fan of this concept and hope to see more companies offer this type of selection. 

The downside is it is an American company and the prices are in U.S. dollars. Also, shipping to Canada may be problematic and you will have to get either an outside broker to ship it or pick it up at the border. It is still a great option though, especially if you have an awkward space or really want the Vibe Aquatic Raine Sleeper Sofa. Happy shopping!