3 Survival Tips for Living in a Small Space

If you are living in a down town apartment or condo, it might provide you with convenient proximity to work, cultural events and public transit, but such small spaces can often pose a real design challenge. Luckily, with a few design and decor tips, you can create a stylish and functional space even if the square footage is lacking.

Use Sharp, Clear Colours – Expanding a space can easily be done with the use of clear, sharp colours. Selecting such colours over duller ones can work wonders in smaller spaces, especially if the backdrop is neutral. Consider making use of bright hues like electric blues and canary yellows, with sporadic splashes of different textures and patterns like plaid or polka dots in your accents. Little touches such as these can all add up to create a cohesive space.

Maximize Your Windows - Nothing opens up a space more than natural light, which is especially true for small spaces. Allow maximum light to come in through your windows with bright white drapes. Hang a mirror or two near the window so the light can reflect throughout the room.

Make Your Furniture Fit Your Space – Furnish your space with pieces that are fit to scale. Don’t fill your home with bulky furnishings that only overcrowd the space. Instead, choose pieces that are more streamlined, and provide the same functionality with less bulk.

Small spaces might pose some design challenges, but with a few tricks and creative ideas, you can create a space that’s functional, airy and sophisticated.