3 Tips For The Ultimate Kitchen

The kitchen has become the social mecca of a home. Not only is it one of the most highly used rooms of a house, it also adds considerable value to a property if it’s designed properly. Consider the following 3 tips to create the ultimate kitchen for your home:

Add a Kitchen Island

If your space permits, consider adding a large island in the middle of your kitchen. Islands have been super popular in kitchen remodelling for the past few years, overtaking the outdated peninsulas. Islands offer added countertop space, as well as a convenient spot to eat and even entertain guests.

Install a Glass Tile Backsplash

The backsplash can really be a stand-out factor in a kitchen, and be the perfect junction between your cabinets and countertop. As of late, glass tiles are making a huge splash on the kitchen renovation scene, coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. There’s something about glass tiles that brings the ideal blend of contemporary and classic to a kitchen’s backsplash.

Incorporate Functional and Stylish Lighting

Many home owners neglect the importance of the lighting in their kitchens, which is a huge mistake. In fact, the lighting can be one of the most important factors in a kitchen to bring the entire remodelling job together. One of the best things to consider when it comes to lighting is to layer it – kitchen lighting should come in a variety of forms, including task, accent, ambience and decorative lighting. This can be achieved by combining recessed lights, pendant lamps, under-cabinet lighting and even puck lights.

Making just a few key changes to a kitchen can really transform it from a dull, drab and inconvenient space to one of style, sophistication and functionality.