4 Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Quick Update

You don’t necessarily have to rip out old tiling or install a totally new shower stall in order to give your bathroom a facelift. Here are 4 easy ways to give your bathroom a quick facelift without breaking the bank:

1 – Switch Up Your Vanity Mirror

A tired old mirror over the sink can really make your bathroom look drab, especially if it’s got a crack or two, and isn’t decorated with a nice frame. For a few bucks, you can switch up your old mirror with a brand new one complete with a classy frame for an instant update to your bathroom.

2 – Swap Your Shower Curtain

Much like the mirror, the shower curtain you have hanging can really make a big difference to the overall look and feel to your bathroom. Luckily, it doesn’t take much money or time at all to swap your old curtain in favour of a fresh, clean and stylish one made from quality fabric.

3 – Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the age-old ways of revamping an interior is to simply add a fresh coat of paint. A new colour on the walls can totally change the look of your bathroom, and just one coat can hide any scuffs or marks and provide your bathroom with a renewed look.

4 – Change the Cabinet Hardware

Considering how small the bathroom is, you really don’t have to reach deep into your wallets to make a big impact. Simply changing the knobs and handles on the vanity cabinet doors and drawers can really make a huge difference.