4 Spring Yard Maintenance Tips

Although spring has arrived a bit late this year, starting a yard maintenance routine is important. Even though you may have prepped your lawn for the winter months back in the fall, there is plenty of cleanup and prep work to do in the spring. The following are 4 spring yard maintenance tips to consider to have a lush green property this season.

1 – Check the Grass for “Snow Mould” – This winter was an especially harsh one. Scan your grass for any matted patches that could be a sign of the development of “snow mould.” This disease bonds the blades of grass together, which can slow the growth of new grass through the mat. To counter this, rake the grass to break up the matted clumps, which will make it easier for fresh new grass to grow.

2 – Improve Your Soil’s Health – Spring is an optimal time to check the health of your soil. Aerating will help if your lawn is compacted, as the holes will permit water and air to easily reach the roots and allow the fertilizer to be better absorbed. Add organic matter, like compost, to the soil to enrich it. Spreading a thin layer across your lawn will help to support healthy grass.

3 – Know the Right Time to Fertilize – Fertilizing lawns is important to help develop dense turf that wards out the majority of weeds, but it’s important to fertilize at the right time. The best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn is when it is starting to actively grow. In warmer climates, fertilization is recommended again some time in the summer, but in our part of the country, the cool-weather grass should be treated again in the fall.

4 – Control Weeds – The ideal way to keep weeds to a minimum is to have healthy, vigorously-sprouting grass. Start by treating your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide formula, which is available in eco-friendly options. These herbicides help to slow seed germination of weeds.