5 Critical Tips – Preparing Your Home For Showings

With the competition being quite fierce in the Toronto real estate market, how your home is presented can have a monumental effect on the saleability of your home, including how long it stays on the market, and how much you sell it for. Making a positive first impression on potential buyers is crucial, making it important to have your home ready for showings at all times.

Rather than waiting for a phone call from your agent informing you that a buyer will be popping by within the hour to scope out your home, it’s best to always have your house ready for a showing so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute.

Here are 5 critical tips to keep in mind when preparing your home for showings to potential buyers:

1 – Go Out! - Buyers will feel much more inhibited when they’re checking out a home with the seller present. They may not feel the liberty of scoping out the house in detail, which can effect the overall impression of the property. When an appointment is made for buyers to view your home, do yourself and the buyers a favour and step out in the meantime.

2 – Keep Pets at Bay - If you are a pet owner, make sure your furry friend is kept out of the way, by means of a cage or kennel when you’re not there. Don’t forget to clear the house of any pet hair, and ensure that the litter is clean. Last but not least, make sure the house doesn’t smell like your pets have taken over! For this reason, consider having an air freshener out at all times.

3 – Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy – Your home should be clean and tidy when it’s being staged for the market. The last thing you want potential buyers to see is a dishevelled house with dust on the furniture, clothes on the floor and dishes piled in the sink. Make sure all floors and counters are dusted and wiped. Pick up everything off the floor that doesn’t belong there. Clean out garbage cans and make your beds. A clean and tidy home will leave a much better impression than a messy one.

4 – Keep the Lights On – A dark home can seem gloomy. Make your home more inviting and illuminate the space by turning all the lights on before an appointment. Don’t forget to open the blinds and drapes as well to let in as much natural light as possible.

5 – Neutralize Your Home – You want potential buyers to easily picture themselves living in your home, so try and keep the decor as neutral as possible. Get rid of distracting accessories and colours to help buyers concentrate on a positive impression. Put all your family photos away that might be on fireplace mantles and bookshelves. Doing so will help buyers see their own things in the home, inching you closer to a possible sale.

Highlighting the positive features of your home and presenting it in the most attractive light can make it easier to attract more buyers, and therefore have you closing a deal sooner rather than later.