5 Smart Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen

A kitchen is one of those spaces in a home that can become easily cluttered, making smart organization important. Try out the following 5 clever ways to a neatly organized kitchen: 

1 – Use a Lazy Susan – You don’t necessarily have have a built-in Lazy Susan to take advantage of one. Even a small, portable one tucked under your sink can help contain messes by keeping spillable or sticky foods on an easy-to-clean and access surface.

2 – Start Hanging Items - Not everything needs to be put away in drawers in order for it to be kept off the countertops. Consider installing decorative hooks on the wall in the kitchen where you can hang aprons, dish towels and oven mitts on pegs.

3 – Store Items by Frequency of Use – Organize your kitchenware by how frequently you use them. Everyday dishes should be stored in an easy-to reach shelf, with items that are used mainly on special occasions stored in tougher-to-reach shelves.

4 – “File” Your Plastic Tupperware – Plastic containers can take up much less storage space and be stored a lot more neatly when they are “filed”. You can do this easily by keeping the lids and containers zoned in an orderly fashion separately, all while keeping them easily locatable.

5 – Install Shelf Organizers – Using sliding shelf organizers can make organizing your kitchen tools and food items much more efficient, and make your gear easily accessible too.

Kitchen organization doesn’t necessarily have to involve a major overhaul; instead, with a few simple and creative ideas, you can turn your kitchen into one of blissful organization!