Decorating For Urban Outdoor Spaces

Thanks to this weeks’  guest blogger Andrea Santos, Interior Designer, for this blog. Click here to send her an email.

1. Vertical gardening – What to do if you are short on space? Take a cue from developers, and go up! There are unending options for vertical gardening. Whether you stack containers up, do a ladder effect with planter boxes, hang pots off a wall, or use containers on a tall bookshelf there is a look for every urban dweller.

2. Shade – Even if you love the sun, you need to keep your guests comfortable (and your drink cold). If you find you are without tree coverage, use an umbrella. Umbrella shades are getting more and more sophisticated. Some even have lights under the umbrella canopy – what a great space saver! The perfect addition for outdoor entertaining.

3. Large seating – I will keep saying it over and over again. Larger pieces make a small space feel bigger. Go for the large outdoor sofa. Or get a large table. You want your outdoor space to be used, so will you use it more for dining or after dinner drinks? Once you decide how you plan on using the space, the decision becomes easy on which pieces will be the large ones.

4. Colour – Yes the outdoors provide a beautiful array of colours. That does not mean you have to skimp on color when decorating your space. Whether your base is wood or concrete, both provide a great backdrop for bright colors. Reds, yellows, blues are all great choices to play off both greenery and the skyline.