Decorating Your First Home

Thanks to this weeks’  guest blogger Andrea Santos, Interior Designer, for this blog. Click here to send her an email.

You did it! You took the plunge and bought your very first place! Congratulations!!!!! Along with packing and moving, the next stage is decorating! You finally have a reason to buy that tv you’ve been ogling. You order a sofa, a coffee table, and a dining table suitable for hosting dinner parties. Then you move in. Except…the new furniture doesn’t look quite right, and it’s a bit like a puzzle to figure out what goes best where. Suddenly the dining space seems small. And the sofa feels too cumbersome. But in my head this layout worked perfectly…what went wrong?

My advice to first time home buyers is to wait. Move in to your new home and live there for a while before buying anything substantial. But you’re so excited you just want it perfect for the housewarming party you’re planning! I understand. However, you may find that what you originally envisioned is not how you feel comfortable using the space.

Your routine and lifestyle will play a part in showcasing how your home is perfect for you. Just because the floor plan says dining area, doesn’t mean it has to be used that way; Maybe the office nook you envisioned in the corner of your bedroom is getting in the way, and putting it out in a main space makes more sense. With the desk out of your room, you can find storage options to house your growing shoe collection.

Take the time to understand your lifestyle, and how to make your space work for you. With patience it will be fun and rewarding. And don’t be shy when the compliments from your friends start rolling in.