Do I Really Need to Use a Real Estate Agent?

With all the new types of online and many more services popping up lately to help home owners list, market and sell their properties on their own, many might wonder if paying a real estate agent is even worth it anymore. The theory that thousands of dollars can be saved selling a property on your own might sound attractive at first, but it could actually be more costly and extremely aggravating in the long run.

Here are just 3 of the many reasons why working with a real estate agent is still your best bet when selling or buying a property:

1 – Advertising

You might be able to advertise your property on various websites or even in the newspaper, but these efforts can prove to be futile. Professional realtors know exactly when, where and how to advertise your property, by using the powerful MLS and other means. Studies conducted by the National Association of Realtors show that of all real estate sales, 82% are the result of realtor contacts through other clients, referrals, and personal contacts.

2 – Negotiating Power

Realtors are skilled and trained in negotiating during an offer process. Not only is the sale price one of the essential negotiable factors in a purchase agreement, but so are other factors, such as financing, terms, conditions, date of possession, deposit, repairs, and even furnishings.

3 – Drafting Contracts

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale is used to protect both parties, and should only be signed and sealed if all pertinent information is included and all conditions are met. A realtor can help you make sure that the contract includes certain conditions that will allow you to back out of the deal if necessary, and leave you completely satisfied once the closing date arrives.

There are plenty of other reasons to get a professional real estate agent on your side to ensure that the purchase and sale of a home goes smoothly. With the entire home selling and buying process often being much more detailed and difficult than one might assume, it helps to have an expert in the real estate industry on your side.