My First Year as a Realtor - The Life of a Toronto Realtor

I remember my first year as a realtor quite well. I had passed all my real estate exams and was interviewing at a bunch of brokerages. I interviewed at 3 Re/Max’s and 1 Coldwell Banker. The first Re/Max was a boutique firm where there were only 40 realtors. Their training consisted of practicing scripts with the owner, so essentially, non existence. The second Re/Max I didn’t groove well with the manager and the 3rd had some potential. I ended up interviewing at Coldwell Banker Terrequity (which is now Royal LePage Terrequity) by fluke as I was referred to them by an acquaintance.


I was blown away with the technology that Coldwell Banker used for their communication system and their presentation to me was well put together and professional. One other thing is that their training was much better than all the other brokerages and I would be given a coach for my first year. I still decided to join Re/Max and left a message for the owner on a Thursday. I didn’t get a call back from him on the Friday and by Saturday I decided that if they took that long to get a response from them now, it would be worse in the future. I pulled the trigger and went with Coldwell Banker. 

The first 2 months was all training and homework. I was put into a rookie class and had to learn how to deal with clients and the whole real estate world. I found my coach a little too pushy. His style was very aggressive which was definitely not me. I found it was an old school approach, so I took some of the lessons that he taught and made it my own. That was the only way for me to keep genuine and not sound like a used car salesman. Then 3 months in from the time I joined the company I went on a snowboarding trip to Whistler. Had a great time until I had a really bad accident that left me with a severed achilles tendon. OUCH!!! I had to have surgery and since it was my right foot, I couldn’t drive. My wife and I both had to work; but since I was just starting out and really needed to make an impression, she drove me to all of my showings after she got off work. I had to do 2 visits to each house, 1st before I took my clients as I had to scope out the house and 2nd for when I had to show them the house. It was not easy as I was out of commission for 6 months!

All the hard work paid off and I helped a lot of my clients find the home they were looking for. I wouldn’t want to go through that again, but it did teach me that with a lot of determination and patience you really can accomplish anything.

Written by: Kevin Yu

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