Tips On How To Declutter Your House When Selling


Your home has one opportunity to make a good first impression and that starts with your front yard

  • If there is snow make sure to shovel your front walkway and steps
  • Remove clutter from the yard and that includes too many flower pots. Only use a handful of large clay pots and make sure none of the plants appear dead or dying
  • Ensure your lawn is freshly mowed
  • Mulch is cheap and will clean up your garden area
  • Trim all shrubs
  • Purchase a new welcome mat
  • Doors are usually dusty and darkened by mildew. Use chlorine to bleach them and freshly paint them


The kitchen is usually the heart of your house and plays a major role in attracting a buyer. This area requires special attention.

  • The cabinets should look great. They might require varnishing or repainting and new cabinet hardware can update the look of the kitchen
  • Keep the counters clean and clear. Use only specific display items on the counters that would make it look more stylish and organized such as fresh flowers, wine, designer cookware, cookbooks, and new dish towels
  • Remove any notes or magnets stuck to your fridge
  • Organize the area under your sink
  • Remove all garbage
  • Get rid of kitchen gadgets that you do not use. They only take up space and create a cluttered look


Bathrooms usually contain several personal items which must not be displayed.

  • Begin by taking away everything from counters
  • Remove old toilet brushes and cleaners
  • Place the items that you use daily like soap, razors, toothbrush and so on in container and place inside the cabinet
  • Display items that create an elegant look like flower and fresh soaps
  • Buy new towels and carefully fold them
  • Do not leave money, jewelry, photos, medicines, magazines and other personal items lying around


  • Keep your bedroom clean and simplified
  • Use your best covers on the beds or buy a new bedspread if the one you have is worn
  • Take down old dusty curtains and clean the windows
  • Add some fresh flowers in a vase on the night stand
  • In a childs bedroom take down any posters and organize the toys

Living Rooms 

  • To make the rooms appear bigger remove any unnecessary furniture
  • Clean and organize book shelves and remove anything that does not have to be there
  • Hang only a few pictures in the appropriate places and remove any family portraits on the walls
  • New throw pillows and and a throw blanket can modernize a living room

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