Less Stuff, More Happiness?

Does having less space lead to more happiness? Is buying a million dollar home so you can live in the downtown core worth it or would you be just as happy raising your family in a 600 sq. ft. condo? I had the discussion with a client recently about how it is getting harder and harder for families to buy a home in the downtown area without getting heavily in debt and sacrificing their leisure time. Is it worth commuting to the suburbs to have a 3000 sq. ft. home and less debt but spend majority of the day away from family because of transportation time? Do you really need that 3000 sq. ft. home? Different Strokes for Different Folks but as house prices go up many families are now facing this dilemma.

My client introduced be to a blog her friend writes called 600SQFTANDABABY. It is a lovely look into a family that made the compromise to raise their family in a small Vancouver condo. This allowed them to have less debt and more freedom to do things as a family. The blog was influence by a TED Talk that was hosted by Graham Hill. Graham made the conscious decision to live in a 420 sq. ft condo that is designed around his favourite things. After realizing that the average American has 3X more space then they did 50 years ago and that Personal Storage Companies are a 22 BILLION dollar industry something may be wrong with how we perceive our happiness and our possessions. The message is simple:

* Think before you buy
* Is that really going to make you happier?
* Get rid of the things you don’t need
* Buy only nice things that are space efficient and multifunctional
* More freedom equals more time.

This should always be a consideration when buying Real Estate. Always think about necessity and what is really important to you. The million dollar home may not be as attractive when it runs the risk of taking time away from your family.

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written by April Williams