Trying Out The Nest Thermostat

I have always been intrigued by the Nest thermostat and thought it would be a great accessory to my hundred year old downtown Victorian. The house is old with some hidden air leaks here and there and it never feels as though air is being evenly distributed throughout it. The upstairs is usually much warmer compared to the downstairs so we are constantly turning the thermostat up and down depending on where we are in the house. To make it worse we have been hit with some awful weather in Toronto with the ice storm and the Polar Vortex that caused a few pipes to freeze in my upstairs bathroom. I was constantly pumping the heat and when I received our latest gas bill I was horrified to see it was a whopping $320. This may be typical for some homeowners but my house is not that big and to make matters worse the house was vacant for a week in December. Luckily, I received a Nest thermostat as a Christmas present and the minute I saw that gas bill I removed the old thermostat and installed my new Nest.

The installation was quick and easy, anyone can do it,  even non-handy people like myself. I then connected it to my iPhone and Laptop and Voila – the heat was pumping. All of this was done in less than 30 minutes. I quickly became aware of how much energy I had been wasting and Nest shows you some great guidelines on what temperatures you should have the thermostat set to conserve energy. The best part is if I am upstairs in bed and too lazy to run downstairs to change the temperature I can simply do it from my phone. As well, if I am on the road and want to heat up the house before I get in I can again, do it from my phone or laptop. Nest also becomes familiar with your heating and A/C habits and will adjust itself accordingly. You really can’t go wrong this product and I highly endorse the Nest thermostat, especially if you have an old “non-energy efficient” home like myself.