Rentals - The Life of a Toronto Realtor

The majority of our business revolves around buying and selling houses, condos and lofts. At the same time we work with a lot of landlords and tenants as well. We have a full time leasing agent on our team that handles the showings for our lease listings and for any tenants that require the assistance of a Toronto Realtor. What a lot of people don’t realize is that; if they use the services of our leasing agent to help them find their new home, the landlords that are on MLS ( pay for this service, leaving no out of pocket expenses for the tenant.


Being a Toronto Realtor, we know our buildings and are able to be much more efficient than a tenant that is working on their own. We can get into places at times that are convenient to the tenant while including a lot more showings in a shorter amount of time. You have to remember that if you are on your own, you are at the mercy of the landlord, or even the lease listing agent’s schedule. I’ve arrived at many condos doing showings and have seen potential tenants waiting for the landlord or agent to show up in the lobby.

When it comes to the lease agreements, we are well versed with clauses that are thrown into leases and we know which ones might give you issues down the road. We are also seasoned negotiators when it comes to the lease and it’s many intricate components. A Toronto Realtor should know the ins and outs of the Residential Tenancy Act and knows when a clause in a lease contradicts that Act. This is important in case a landlord does not know the Act well, or is trying to take advantage of a tenant that is not well versed in the Act.

Working with a Realtor can be the best decision that you ever make when it comes to the search. It doesn’t cost you anything and you really maximize your options.