Should I Make Repairs Before Listing For Sale?

One of the most effective ways get your house to sell quickly and for top dollar is to make sure it’s in good condition before it hits the market. Any necessary repairs should be made to make your house in “sellable” condition, although there is definitely a limit to how much money to spend and how much effort to put in to ensure a good return on investment. Grab a coffee and read here about repairs you should consider when putting your home up for sale:

Cosmetic Repairs – Home buyers notice small defects right away. This can include chips in tiles, cracks in walls, broken window panes, and scuff marks on walls. Any cracks, divots or other cosmetic imperfections should be patched up first before placing your home up for sale. These cosmetic repairs are relatively easy and inexpensive to do, and they’ll make a big difference in how your home presents itself to potential buyers.

Plumbing Repairs - Buyers might not catch any leaky faucets or sinks that drain slowly, but home inspectors will. These issues are easy and somewhat affordable to fix, which can save you headaches in the long run. Chances are, the people that buy your home may ask for these repairs to be done before they take possession, so you might as well fix them first before putting up that “For Sale” sign.

Electrical Repairs - All the lights should be working in your home. Any burned-out light bulbs, outlets that aren’t operational, or faulty electrical systems should be dealt with before buyers start touring your home.

Structural Repairs - Analyze the structure of your home before you put it up for sale. Look for things like cracks in the basement concrete, missing roof shingles, water spots on ceilings, sloping floors, or cracks on your home’s exterior. Any of these issues should be looked at by a professional to assess how much repairing such problems will cost you.

If you’re unsure about specific repairs that you should make on your home before placing it on the market, it’s always a good idea to speak with a licensed realtor who can make suggestions for you or contact us and we can offer you some great advice. 

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