Thank You From The W&Y Homes Co Team

As we approach the holiday season and some much needed rest and relaxation this blog is dedicated to a few people that helped make 2013 a truly amazing and rewarding year.

Amelita Altments – THANK YOU! Amelita joined our team as our assistant extraodinaire just at the tail end of the spring market when our heads were spinning. She got us organized all the while having fantastic and innovative ideas. She is also not afraid to voice her opinion, (which at times we really need because not all ideas are good), knows how to handle tough situations and keeps us constantly entertained with tales from her travels around the world. Amelita, you are a gift to our team and our clients.

Genevieve Soucy – Genevieve joined our team in October as a leasing agent and anyone that gets an opportunity to work with her is extremely lucky. She is energetic, incredibly sweet and one of the hardest working women in Real Estate.

Jake Abramowicz (Mortgage Broker)- Thank you Jake for tolerating our late night calls and last minute pre-approvals, you always provide incredible service and advice to our clients. I apologize for making you work while you were on vacation this summer but that is another testament to your amazing service.

Taps Das (Designer) – Thank you for your unbelievable designs and helping to make our brand look good. We apologize for the last minute changes and rush jobs but there is no one we trust more. Taps, thank you as well for tolerating my crazy hours and your constant support, I couldn’t do it without you.

Willar Tang (Web Designer) – Thank you for all of your hard work on our website, even though things didn’t go as planned with the first site, the new one launching in a few weeks is going to be amazing! Your quick turnaround time and ingenious ideas really saved us.

Steve Klein (Lawyer) – Steve…. I don’t think we could thank you enough. Your advice has really helped us this year and our clients love you too!

Rebecca Mountain (Social Media Guru) – Thank you Rebecca for your insight. You helped us look at our business from different perspective and held our hand as we jumped into the social media world.

Coldwell Banker Terrequity – Andrew Zsolt and Darlene Brown, you really know how to run a dynamic brokerage. You are always there when we call for advice and have given us a fantastic opportunity with the Liberty Village Branch Office. You encourage us to always provide better service to our clients.

Terrequity Support Staff – You are one of a kind and make all of our transactions easy while always having a positive attitude.

Carey Ramstead – Thank you for your support and for tolerating Kevin’s late work nights and crazy schedule. Without you he could not be the super agent that he is.

The Liberty Village Community – You have embraced us and all of our causes from the Food Drive for The Daily Bread Food Drive and our yearly BBQ to raise money for Toronto Animal Services. Thank you for your continuing support of our local business.

Most of all  THANK YOU to all of our Clients – Without you there would be no W & Y Homes Co. Team. We get to work with some of the most amazing and are truly lucky to be your agents.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

April & Kevin