Things For Your Home Buyer’s Wish List

You’re finally ready to buy a home! Before you go out and start pounding the pavement in search of that perfect house, it’s a good idea to make a detailed “wish list” first in order to help both you and your realtor narrow down your search. There are literally dozens upon dozens of factors to consider. Use the following to help you get started outlining that all-important wish list.

Number of Bedrooms - Do you have kids? If not, will you be expanding the family soon? Do you frequently have overnight guests? These answers will help determine the number of bedrooms you require.

Garage – Many home buyers are willing to forego a garage in order to get closer to the core of the city. But there are many who simply cannot live without a garage. Whether you use it to park your car, or use it for storage for your lawn mower, you should decide right away if a garage is absolutely necessary or not. If it is, decide if an attached garage that offers a direct entrance into the house is necessary as well.

Basement - Many properties don’t necessarily come with a basement. Some have just a crawl space, while others don’t have a basement at all. Decide if you need a basement, as well as the uses for it should you decide it’s something you can’t live without.

Access to Public Transit - For those who rely on taking the bus on a daily basis, having quick access to public transit is a huge plus. Think about how far you have to walk to the bus stop or subway from your house. Or else, consider how far of a drive it would be to access a subway station.

Proximity to Work – Your morning and evening commute to and from work can have a huge impact on your life. Are you willing to drive an extra 20 minutes to get to work in order to save a little on the price of the home? Or would you rather spend the extra money in the name of being closer to work?

Property Maintenance – Do you have a green thumb? Are you a garden buff? Or would you rather spend your time doing anything but maintain a garden? Many properties are virtually maintenance-free, especially condos or townhome units. Others, on the other hand, require a lot of maintenance, such as bungalows on large lots. Consider how much work will have to go into caring for the property before putting in an offer.

This list is by no means exhaustive. List as many things as you can think of – your friendly realtor will help you with the rest!