My Vacation in Belize - The Life of a Toronto Realtor

Wow what a trip!  As I’m adjusting back to reality I am already missing the turquoise water, humid air and island life.  We began our journey Thursday.  We left Toronto for Houston in the afternoon and didn’t arrive in Texas until almost midnight.  We had to shuttle to our hotel which was only 10 minutes from the airport.  Since our flight to Belize City was at 8am we had to  wake up at 4am to catch it.  

I remember seeing the turquoise water from the plane.  I knew we were getting closer to our destination.  Once we arrived and got off the plane onto the tarmac, the warm air hit our skin.  It was so nice to breathe in all that warm moist air.  We were definitely overdressed and had to lug our winter parkas around the airport, but we didn’t care.  We were on vacation and we could just feel the stress melt away. 

We had to take a water taxi to Ambergris Caye, that took just over an hour.  We were greeted by our friends Matt & Sara on the dock.  They quickly showed us to the condo they helped set up for the week.  We were pretty much on oceanfront property and the view was top notch.  The location was right in San Pedro in the midst of everything.  Lots of buildings looked pretty run-down which I later learned was due to the ocean air.  The popular mode of transportation, as we quickly realized, was by way of Golf Cart!  These vehicles were not normal carts but ones where the suspension was raised and upgraded along with off road tires.  It was pretty fun driving around the narrow streets with these souped up carts.

Within an hour we were on a catamaran enjoying tropical drinks.  The scenery was breathtaking and the weather was perfect.  This catamaran was the largest one that I ever been on where there were 3 bedrooms and a multitude of washrooms.  Music was playing over the speakers and the drinks kept on flowing.  The strange thing about Belize is that it gets dark by 6pm every day. The sun goes down pretty quickly and night pops up in a blink of an eye.

Throughout the week, our gracious hosts showed us around Ambergris Caye.  From amazing oceanfront brunch restaurants, to Mayan ruins and a trip to another nearby island, we got the chance to see how the locals live.  There are a lot of Americans and Canadians setting up businesses all around the Island.  We noticed that Re/Max and Sotherbys had offices here.  Being a realtor, I always check out properties while on vacation. If you can do without an oceanfront property, you can definitely find a 1 bedroom condo within $200,000 US.  We also saw some new 2 bedroom (1200 sqft) resort-style oceanfront condos ,that went for about $450,000.  Property taxes were pretty low and the cost of living is just slightly less than Toronto.  One disadvantage of island life can be the cost of importing certain goods that we take for granted (groceries, personal care items) though I definitely can see how a lot of people would want to retire in Belize.

The 10 days that we were there felt like we were home.  I would love to pick up and move there, but as of now I have many responsibilities to attend to in Toronto.  Maybe in 10 years?  Maybe less?  If you are interested in possibly looking to buy a property out there, please give my good friend Matt Hoy a shout. Tell him that I sent you and he will treat you like gold.