Buying with the W&Y Homes Co. Team

We weren't always real estate agents. In fact, we’ve been on the other side of the buying transaction when purchasing our own homes in Toronto. As such, we’ve tacked on our own unique experiences in the real estate process. Buying a property can be intimidating and overwhelming - we get that. We’ve had those same apprehensive feelings that you do before we signed on the dotted line. 

It’s these real-life experiences that have sparked our drive to make sure the entire real estate buying experience is as stress-free - and as fun as possible. Our goal is for you to have such an amazing experience that you tell all of your friends and family about the W & Y Homes Co. Team. 

The following are some reasons why W&Y Homes Co is your go-to real estate firm when buying real estate:

  • You get a team, not just an agent - You’re not just hiring one individual realtor - instead, you’ll have a team working diligently on your behalf. With three of us offering up different experiences, you have the advantage of getting the most well-rounded service out there.
  • We help turn visions into reality – We can create a clear picture of the dream of becoming a home owner. Just tell us what you want, and we will work tirelessy to make it happen.
  • We know exactly what’s out there at all times - We always have our finger on the pulse about homes that pop up on the market, and know exactly what value and prices are fair on every block in the city. We can immediately spot a property that will need extra work, and communicate the precise value of the home compared to what else is available. We also keep a mental note of past properties that have been sold on the market so we can communicate your specific area’s value and trends.

    We have tons of experience - Our track record of finding the right home, understanding its value and negotiating to get the best price puts you in the optimal position to find home of your dreams while sticking to your particular budget.

Great links for buyers:

  • We have an extensive network of professionals – Whether you need a lawyer, contractor, home inspector or mortgage broker, we have ties with a series of professionals to help you in every realm of home ownership.
  • We love technology – We make good use of the most innovative technological tools and platforms to keep the house hunt as efficient as possible. The second a house comes up on the market that fits the bill, you’ll be alerted immediately.
  • We love the City – Toronto isn’t just where we work, it’s where we live and breathe. We are knowledgeable about every detail of all neighbourhoods in the city, from Bloor West, to the Junction, to the Beaches, and everything in between.
  • We build relationships with our clients – We don’t just walk away after you get the keys to your new home. We’ll always keep our doors open to clients if and when they need help, have a question or two, or even when they’re ready to make another move!
  • We will never pressure - Ever.


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